December 24, 2023 6:00 pm - 7:15 pm Broadway Theater

December 24, 2023 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm

Price from 850 CZK | 35 EURO

Duration : 105 min

Swan Lake: The world’s most famous ballet, weaving love and illusion in timeless splendor.


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About Swan Lake

Swan Lake stands as a timeless jewel of classical ballet, accompanied by the iconic score of renowned Russian composer, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. A tale that captivates both young and old, it remains the most performed and recognized ballet globally. Beyond its reputation, Swan Lake demands exceptional precision and the pinnacle of classical technique from its performers, ensuring audiences an unparalleled theatrical experience.

Be whisked away by the elegance of the swans, the valor of Prince Siegfried, the jests of his court jester, and a queen’s quest to see her son wed. The performance’s crown jewel is the dual portrayal of Odette and Odile, two contrasting characters brought to life by a single dancer.

As the narrative unfolds, questions arise: Will Prince Siegfried be deceived by the wicked sorcerer Von Rothbart, who cursed the princess to live as a swan? And in Monika Kysilová’s rendition, will the tale find a jubilant resolution or tread a path of tragedy?


Located in the heart of Prague’s Old Town, the Broadway Theatre, once a celebrated cinema, now stands as a modern hub for ballet in Prague. Designed in the 1930s by architects Bohumir Kozak and Antonin Cerný, this venue has witnessed history, from hosting Metro Goldwyn Mayer to undergoing various name changes reflecting Prague’s evolving socio-political landscape. Renowned Czech art historian, Jiří Hilmera, celebrated its unique architecture that encapsulated the golden era of Prague’s performing arts. Today, the Broadway Theatre remains an emblem of Prague’s enduring passion for ballet.


Odette / Odile Carolina Cortesi, Kateřina Audy
Prince Siegfried Karel Audy, Libor Kettner
Von Rothbart Valery Globa, Krystof Simek
Jester Dominik Port, Libor Kettner
Queen Mother Katerina Audy, Petra Dvorakova

Corps de Ballet
Klara Zezulkova, Evzen Bockor, Igor Kolva, Anezka Kalkusova, Zuzana Kormosova, Marek Kasparovsky, Michal Kovac, Karolina Hlinkova, Natalie Rychetska, Ema Slavikova, Martin Dinus, Tereza Szentpeteryova, Serghei Gherciu, Ondrej Martis, Jiří Wanka, Eliska Kolarova, Helenka Fabikova, Alexey Kolva, Josef Svoboda, Tereza Kucerova, Lucie Hrzalova, Marketa Jedlickova, Anna Vdovichenko, Emmeline Jansen, Carolina Cortesi,Lydie Svojgerova, Eliska Rajmonova, Kristyna Nemeckova, Valerij Globa, Libor Kettner, Dimitry Tenicky, Adéea Mandikova, Tereza Kucerova, Kristina Kodedova, Eliska Kolarova, Helena Fabikova, Adela Mandikova, Vojta Vlasak, Vojta Jansa, Josef Svoboda, Gaëtan Pires

Choreography Monika Kysilova
Stage Design Martin Cerny
Stage Properties Tomas Hnat
Costumes Jana Chamlarova, Helena Chlupata